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GROW, an example of European cooperation.

An international inaugural meeting was held in Rome.

1991.-The GROW network is created in response to the “Töpfer Regulation” in Germany that required the guarantee that packaging would be recycled once its useful life had come to an end. That led the different organisations that belonged to the wooden crate sector in Europe to create the GROW GmbH company in Germany.

None anticipated the great task of this fledgling company would send.

GROW (Group Recycling of Wood) started as a German company with English name, conceived by a Frenchman during an international conference in Italy.

Our brand and logo was designed, created and registered by a Dutchman.

The creation, management and pioneering work done in Germany. And all this goes on a Spanish initiative.

The internationality of the founding members shaped the work of the GROW and so the cooperation with the respective national associations support for the local market and its needs saying.

1998.- GROW International present organisation is created. Based in Paris, it is responsible for co-ordinating the different GROW associations and keeps the ownership of the GROW registered trademark and logo.